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Research shows that ice may be more harmful than helpful for inflammation. Say goodbye RICE and hello to PEACE & LOVE.

Person using an ice pack on their arm.
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Two things come to mind when I think of Shaquille O’Neal. First, he was one of the most dominant centers in NBA history. Second, IcyHot “saved” him from pain.

Well, that is what he would have us believe.

There was a period when every other commercial break on ESPN included…

How much longer are we going to ignore decades of research?

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The posture nonsense is getting out of control. While preparing for a residency lecture this week, I came across an article on posture written by a physician. It was hard to contain my frustration.

“Sitting badly or standing in a slouched position stresses your lower back, weakening and damaging an…

Using unique studies to expand your understanding of pain

woman in pain
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“I often wished that more people understood the invisible side of things. Even the people who seemed to understand, didn’t really.”
― Jennifer Starzec, Determination

Our minds are powerful. Our thoughts and expectations shape our future experiences. …

A physical therapist addresses misconceptions around intensity, soreness, and pain

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“No pain, no gain” might be the worst phrase ever uttered in the gym. Asking the question, “Is it soreness or pain?” is a close second. At the end of the day, both pain and soreness are unpleasant. Attempting to delineate between the two is meaningless for most of us…

It’s easy to make it complicated though—and one of the biggest offenders is dieting

People enjoying a meal in a cafe.
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It is past time we abandon the dieting focus.

Dieting doesn’t work.

Instead of focusing on short-term changes in eating habits, something that is often viewed as a challenge, focus on big-picture dietary patterns for sustained health and wellness.

A recent study aimed to assess the association between dietary patterns…

More muscle may help protect you against COVID

Man using kettlebell.
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Instead of approaching COVID with the mindset of ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,’ what if we used ‘become strong first so you don’t have to worry about being killed?’

A bit of a mouthful — I need to work on the exact wording — but the principle remains.

Are you embracing wrongness or shunning it?

alphaspirit from Getty Images

“The secret of life is to appreciate the pleasure of being terribly, terribly deceived.” — Oscar Wilde

Take a moment to reflect on the five times you were wrong. Got them? What did you do after realizing you were wrong? What were the benefits of being wrong? …

I met another person who was caused unnecessary harm

Person with a bullhorn.
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“I saw your story on LinkedIn about posture…are you serious?! Poor posture isn't the reason I have pain?”

As I was leaving a graduation party for our 2020 and 2021 orthopedic residency classes (COVID delayed the former), I met one of my colleague's wife and this was the opening to…

10 varieties of deadlifts and squats they will never show you but are great for building resilience and strength

source: functionalmemeology

Exercise is fun. Well, it can be if you allow it to be.

Exercise is also largely safe and effective at enhancing resilience. Again, if you allow it to be.

It is exhausting scrolling through social media — particularly Instagram — and seeing a parade of nocebo-driving posts frightening people…

Zachary Walston

A physical therapist tackling health misinformation | Elemental, Better Humans, Start It Up| https://www.zacharywalston.com/subscribe | Clinical Gap Podcast

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