Why you should never skip leg days—and how to use them to train for life-long vitality

A woman doing leg exercises.
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What are the most important physical markers of health as we age?

Researchers and doctors often ask this question. I have to consider it daily in the clinic as a physical therapist.

The marker most often cited and supported is gait speed.

How fast we walk is one of the…

I met another person who was caused unnecessary harm

Person with a bullhorn.
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“I saw your story on LinkedIn about posture…are you serious?! Poor posture isn't the reason I have pain?”

As I was leaving a graduation party for our 2020 and 2021 orthopedic residency classes (COVID delayed the former), I met one of my colleague's wife and this was the opening to…

How much longer are we going to ignore decades of research?

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The posture nonsense is getting out of control. While preparing for a residency lecture this week, I came across an article on posture written by a physician. It was hard to contain my frustration.

“Sitting badly or standing in a slouched position stresses your lower back, weakening and damaging an…

A physical therapist addresses misconceptions around intensity, soreness, and pain

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“No pain, no gain” might be the worst phrase ever uttered in the gym. Asking the question, “Is it soreness or pain?” is a close second. At the end of the day, both pain and soreness are unpleasant. Attempting to delineate between the two is meaningless for most of us…

It is low cost and has few barriers

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Pop quiz: what form of exercise requires no equipment? There are many answers ranging from anything in the world of calisthenics, yoga, or running.

Let’s narrow it down further. Of those exercises, which requires no coaching, training, or practice? Sure, theoretically you could jump into any of those, but without…

Here are some ways to build up your grip

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If you had to guess, what do you think would be amongst the most important physical assessments any healthcare provider could perform?

As a physical therapist, one of my primary jobs is to determine the health and wellbeing of individuals. I assess their functional capacity — strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness…

Zachary Walston

A physical therapist tackling health misinformation | Elemental, Better Humans, Start It Up| https://www.zacharywalston.com/subscribe | Clinical Gap Podcast

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